Spring Semester 2017

    Quick note: I’m in the middle of changing my blog name to I’m figuring out how to reroute this site to the new domain and updating my design a little. I’ve updated my Instagram name as well. This shouldn’t affect my tiny email subscriber list. I want this space to act as a portfolio, yet still feel personal. I hope with the switch I will post more, but I’m not making any promises.


    Last semester was my first semester doing ceramics and my goal was to make, make, make. I made a lot, none of it that great, but it was fun. This semester, I really slowed down. I focused on each project and set some goals so I could keep learning new skills and work toward a cohesive style. First, I wanted to work with slabs (large sheets of clay). Using various techniques shown to me by my awesome teacher, I tried to make the flattest, sharpest slabs I could. I still struggled with warping and bent edges from clumsy fingers, but I used the slabs as decorative accents on pots and for my half circle wall hangings. 

    Secondly, I wanted to make glazes from scratch, specifically a light pink glaze. While the teacher gave us free reign of the glaze room, I was the only one to really take advantage. Most recipes I used, pulled from the internet, had only descriptions and no pictures. This made the outcome all the more exciting. Overall I tested about 25 glazes, and of those I found three that I liked, well three that I can work with. I found a good pink, but its not The One. I also tried to get a light mint green color, but I was really struggling with the copper carbonate ratio. Next semester I’m taking a glaze technology class that I’m crazy excited about. This summer, I got the opportunity to volunteer at my school studio, so I’m able to continue working on my own stuff over the break. I’ve been trying to throw bigger pots on the wheel. This summer I also set up a “studio” in my garage which I will be sharing here soon.


    Unfortunately, my photography class wasn’t as expected. It was terrible and I should have trusted my gut and dropped it when I had the chance. The problem was the teacher, he was clearly apathetic about teaching. The three hour class, meant to be filled with lessons and computer lab time, was about 20 minutes of almost incoherent lecturing coupled with actual chicken scratch on the board. Teachers should not be allowed to fail students like that, it makes me livid. The one thing I did learn was how to use Lightroom, which combined with last semester’s Photoshop class I feel confident using Adobe. I was hoping to spend the semester diving deeper into using a manual camera, instead any passion I felt was squashed. I became bored and uninterested just like the teacher. Not to worry, I’m still practicing on my own. I showed some of the better shots I took in this post, and here are a couple pictures I like below.

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