Spring in the Country


I wasn’t looking for spring yet this year, we were promised an El Nino but instead got a February that felt like summer. Despite the bizarre weather patterns, spring came in its usual form. Cool dewy mornings, wildflowers blanket the roadsides, birds chirping incessantly, and the sweet euphoric smell of spring in the country. Oh the smell! The essence of lilacs and orange blossoms sweep through the valley by the ever present breeze.

My seedlings are almost ready for transplant and I can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt again. The hammocks are hung in yard and happy hour commences most evenings, swaying between two trees as the sun sets and the coyote pups yip and howl across the valley.

Springtime in the country makes it all worth it. A world I would never experience otherwise, so simple and grounding. I’m savoring it day by day because next comes summer, my least favorite season, so I’m still crossing my fingers for that El Nino.





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