Christmas Around Here


December got off to a slow start with finishing up school and business trips, it will end slow too. Time off savored, a simple Christmas dinner on the table, and finally some rain and cold weather. We’re stuck between enjoying the season and feeling overwhelmed by the sorrow around the world. christmas-2

I added red to my Christmas decor this year. Red bells, fake berries, and red twine grabbed from the dollar store to add a little warmth and contrast to the white. Contrast is a good word to use in reflecting this year. A beautiful tree, a rainy day, presents that will come Christmas morning, and so much heartbreak in the world. Contrast and a touch of red.


Our tree is filled with ornaments that piece together our life. This year I chose a buffalo in honor of our five year anniversary at Catalina Island. Looking at the tree, I realize how many sentimental ornaments revolve around our state, California. An avocado, a bear, the Berkeley clock tower, a tent for so many nights camping every corner of the West. Our little bubble is the foundation of our sparkling tree. It easy to forget there is life beyond the delicate glass ornaments.

christmas-5At least there is always music to lift our spirits. I’ve collected Christmas records for a while now. Throughout the year, I’ll pluck unloved vinyl from the dollar bin to add to the collection. We have all the classics as well as a lot of random ones. My favorite Christmas song of all time is The Christmas Waltz with Robert Goulet and Carol Lawrence. The stand out favorite this year is Ray Charles version of Little Drummer Boy. I’ve never been a fan of the song but his version is amazing.

christmas-4To quote Dean Martin from A Marsmallow World

Oh, the world is your snowball, see how it grows
That’s how it goes, whenever it snows
The world is your snowball just for a song
Get out and roll it along


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